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Ben D. Stanley

When Money Meets History

Money. Karl Marx said money was the greatest driver of history. New worlds have been discovered, empires built and conquered, and nations founded and destroyed in mankind’s relentless pursuit of money.

What about our world today? How has it been formed by the present economic system and how is that shaping our future? What will be later written about the time we now live in? A time that has more wealth than any in history but yet hundreds of millions are gripped daily by economic fear and anxiety.

Winston Churchill said the more one looks into the past, the further they can see into the future. What does that say about what we see unfolding around us? What does that tell us about an economic system where astronomic debt levels and routine printing of make- believe money in the trillions is needed to avoid widespread collapse? What must be done to prevent financial calamity from once again wreaking havoc on the world?
What now? That is the question.

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